# F3: Keeping Us and Our Delivery Drivers Safe

# T5: Home Status Notice

The simple slides below are designed to be printed and taped to your front door, or displayed prominently for any visitors to your house.

How does this help? Helps households and visitors follow stay-at-home and social distancing guidance during a period of lock-down. Helps keep our essential services community protected.

Updated 6 April 2020. Based on feedback received from a courier, the pdf download tool was updated with fillable form fields for deliveries requiring a signature or not needing one.

Relevance: During a period of lock-down


  1. Edit Slide Templates that best reflect your circumstances for package delivery
  2. Print the slide(s) you need and sign if relevant
  3. Print one of the ‘Symptom Status’, ‘Help Status’ slides (slides 11-14) that best matches your household situation
  4. If your household status changes, change the ‘Symptom Status’, ‘Help Status’ slide

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Home Notice

Do's and Don'ts

No Symptoms/No Help

Has Symptoms/No Help

No Symptoms/Help Needed

Has Symptoms/Help Needed